Compass communicationS studios 


It’s the most cost effective media available to promote your services! 

Our advanced line of on-hold productions and digital players are individually designed to communicate the advantages and services you provide. 

All productions are provided on a ‘buyout’ basis, which means you have lifetime rights to both the equipment and custom production for one or multiple locations.  There are no annual royalties, equipment rental fees, or payments to ASCAP/BMI (music publishers union). New programs (updates) are available whenever needed. All equipment is maintained and serviced directly by Compass Communications Studios, Inc. (Wake Forest, NC).

​So instead of playing the radio (or dead air), your clients are now gathering important information, website address and details about all the services and advantages you offer. 

Getting started is as easy as answering a few questions included with this packet. Based on what you share with us, we will create your custom script and then send it to you to review for any corrections, additions and general accuracy. 

Then, once we receive the approved copy, we’ll produce your program here in our own studios and then post the audio on our media site for your review, or play the finished results for you over the phone. If you don’t agree it’s the best on-hold program you have ever heard, you are under no obligation to buy it.

Once the program meets with your approval, we’ll ship the preloaded digital system (AudioNeon Player) or just the media if you already have a playback system. 

You'll be in great company!

With over 500 customers across the United Sates, our North Carolina customers include:

Franklin Regional Medical Center, Heritage Eye Care, Casey’s Services HVAC, Window World (Raleigh), Titan Flow Control (Lumberton, NC), Bryant Durham Electric, Best Tile, ACR Supply (8 locations), Mini City Auto Body, Newcomb & Co., Ellington Brim Chevrolet, Allen Kelly & Co., DataClarity, Seegars Fencing Co, Clay’s Power Equipment, The Daily Record (Dunn, NC), Alexander Guess CPA, USA Automotive, Barter Business Exchange, The Sanderling (Duck, NC), Wake Forest Florist & Gifts, Young’s Gymnasium , Divi Resorts, Thomas, Ferguson & Charnes, The Law Corner, Village Care of King NC, Colonial Tin Works, CMH Space Flooring, Monolith Corporation, Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP, CVS Pharmacy, TENCARVA, The Wake Weekly and many more!

Thank you for this opportunity to provide you with the best sounding on-hold program, and most reliable digital player system available anywhere today.

Top Reasons to consider promoting your Services

During those short moments a caller is placed on hold! 

  1. ​Properly produced, you should be providing Callers with a valuable overview of your Services…  It’s not a gimmick. Message on Hold is about providing positive information! Caller’s prefer hearing something that speaks to their needs versus radio commercials. Dead air may give the impression they have been disconnected, whereas a well made On-Hold program engages the mind of the caller and brings them up to date with your services and specialties. 
  2. Reinforce your advertising dollars spent with other mediums, such as website promotion, industry magazines, and trade shows. What better way to remind callers about specialized services and new products than while on hold for a few moments? 
  3. It educates & prepares the prospect, while providing a more professional image.            Properly scripted, you are able to point out common needs along with the solutions you provide, allowing you and your associates the opportunity to communicate individualized services. 
  4. You should already have the port to add this to your phone system.  In the past 20 years, most (if not all) PBX/KEY and now VoIP phone systems have a MOH (Music On Hold) port. Not sure what you have? We would be happy to review your system with you. 

Top Reasons more companies choose Compass Communications Studios

as their on-hold systems provider!

  1. Excellent Value - most business (gladly) pay anywhere from $650 to $3500 per contract lease span, in order to spare their callers ‘dead air’, often using mundane announcers, poor music and cookie cutter scripts. When the contract is up, they are sold a new contract or lease. End the lease, you return the equipment and turn off the program.  With Compass Studios, you have a one-time buyout system cost, including music and lifetime production rights. Future message updates are purchased as needed, not because they were part of the contract.
  2. It’s Easy - all you do is fill out one of our ‘script generators’ or add your own material and then e-mail or fax to our studios.  We’ll create the script; provide the engineering fees, license, music and talent fees. Then you simply access our browser friendly media server to hear your custom created program. It’s everything you need to broadcast your own professionally produced On Hold program!
  3. Tech Support Included; using our toll free sales/service hotline, you are invited toto call anytime with questions about your equipment or program updates. Already have a digital player? We  provide programming for just about any system or format.
  4. No Contracts required to get started! Because there are no leasing, initiation or rental fees.            If needed, payments can be broken out.  We gladly accept VISA, MC, and PayPal. Best of all (and a rare as they are), we handle any and all service issues directly.All new hardware is designed, built and supported here in the USA. 
  5. Did we mention it’s all supported, Designed and Built in the USA?            

Compass Communications Studios is a national On-Hold production company. Our digital players and music resources are proudly designed, built and supported here in the USA.

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